Bamboo Charcoal Soap - Facial Cleansing Treatment For Acne Prone Skin

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Bamboo Charcoal Soap from Healing Tree is derived from only four natural ingredients to heal your skin and body and absorb the dirt, grime, and pollutants that invades our pores every day. Utilizing a unique firing process that creates a highly absorbent powder known as "Black Diamond" as its base, bamboo charcoal soap is renowned for its healing affects on oily or problematic skin. This creates soap that is four times more porous than wood charcoal that is absorbent enough to draw dirt from deep in your pores. Great for problematic skin, bamboo charcoal soap has been known to eliminate acne in as little as one month. In addition, this hypoallergenic blend of only four ingredients is fragrance free with no added colors, fillers, alcohols, chemicals, or preservatives. The Healing Tree also does not test their soap on animals. The harmful pollutants, dirt, and toxins that attack our skin and invade our pores every day clog your skin and pores. Try Healing Tree bamboo charcoal soap and finally let your skin breathe again. 

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Water, Glycerin, and Bamboo Charcoal 

Bamboo Charcoal Soap Benefits: 
- Remove Dead Skin Cells 
- Unclogs Pores 
- Smoother Skin 
- Natural Ingredients 
- Hypoallergenic 
- Detoxifying 
- Fragrance Free 
- No Added Colors, Fillers, Alcohol, Chemicals, or - Preservatives 
- No Animal Testing

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