The "Biochar Tooth Soap"

Type: Biochar Soap

Vendor: CO2

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The "Biochar Tooth Soap"

Bio-activated charcoal in our "Biochar Body Soap"  is naturally absorbent and draws toxins, dirt, oils and impurities from pores. It is wonderful for oily, problem or adolescent skin. It is also great as a daily body and bath soap for normal skin. Along with biochar, this soap is made with ingredients which moisturize and enrich the skin. The bars contain cold pressed organic coconut, palm and olive oils, as well as volcanic clay, organic herbs and essential oils. This product is vegan and no harsh chemicals are used in making our soap. Garden Botanical's bio-activated charcoal is made on their farm in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca Costa Rica, from trimmings of organic fruit trees. The charcoal is activated using specially formulated micro-organisms and then dried and ground. Each bar is approximately 2.8 oz, however they are handmade and hand-cut, so the patterns and weights will vary.

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